The Cake Craft Company Guide to Airbrush Food Colouring

Welcome to the Cake Craft Company guide to airbrush food colouring, your one-stop guide for all the hints, tips, advice and information you need to master this tool.

Airbrush food colouring will take your cakes to the next level of colour, detail and pigmentation in what we think is a much easier process!

So, how can you take advantage of this cake decorating cool to ensure your bakes look as good as they taste? Find all you need to know here.

What is Airbrush Food Colouring?

Airbrush food colouring is an edible, spray-on food colouring that is a fun and somewhat easy tool for everyone, from beginners to professionals. Airbrush food colouring can be sprayed directly onto your cake after it’s been baked and iced, unlike regular food colouring that you mix into the batter, fondant, sugar paste or icing.

3 Benefits of Using Airbrush Food Colouring

Now that you know what airbrush food colouring is, you might be wondering why you should make the change from your usual tried and tested methods? Well, let us convince you with just a few of the benefits of airbrush food colouring!

1. More Gradient, Pattern and Colour Opportunities

With airbrush food colouring, you have more control and creative freedom to create patterns and gradient designs on your cakes. Sometimes this can be too tricky to achieve with traditional methods. Create bright and bold ombre designs or a soft and sweet gradient with pastel colourings. There are several ways airbrush food colouring can help you quickly and easily achieve professional results.

There are also more opportunities for mixing colours to create new and unique shades that ordinarily take too much time and effort with fondant or regular food colourings. All you need is a pipette to make mixing airbrush food colouring easy and simple!

2. Add Extra Dimension to 3D Designs

Creating cakes with 3D elements is already tricky and laborious, and sometimes the end result is not all we envisioned. Airbrush food colouring is a quick and easy way to add an extra dimension to your cake designs. You can add subtle shading and detailing that sweeps across your design to bring the end result to life.

3. Little Effort Required

As we’ve touched upon, airbrush food colouring is a simple and effective process that does not require the huge amounts of effort that other tools need. It also can be done with and without stencils; it is entirely up to you and your preference on how you complete it. From sweet floral designs to large, colourful children’s motifs, the options are endless with airbrush food colouring as many designs are more achievable than ever.

Tips for How to Use Airbrush Food Colouring

Now you know the what and why it’s time to familiarise yourself with the how. We have pulled together some tips and tricks to help you start your airbrush food colouring journey.

Preparing Your Machine

Before you begin airbrushing, you must ensure you have properly prepared and set up your machine and colours. To do this, we recommend following the supplied instructions meticulously and ensuring you have properly read and understood them. Several different brands are available for airbrush food colouring, and each has unique differences, so you should always read the instructions, even if it is not your first time using airbrush food colouring.

Some of our favourite brands of choice are AmeriColor and Sugarflair Colours!

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you are confident in your set-up and understanding of the products you’re using, you should practice before going straight into a cake design. This ensures you get to grips with the machine and different techniques before attempting to decorate a cake you have spent so much time on.

We recommend practising first on cardboard or a cake board to ensure you have the hang of airbrushing and then moving on to your cakes and bakes once you feel confident.

Stencils are Your Friend

For more intricate designs and patterns, don’t be afraid to use stencils to ensure a clear and crisp image. Cake Craft Company has a wide variety of stencils, from letters and numbers to motifs and patterns. Alternatively, you can even attempt to create your own unique stencils for specific events and occasions.

Explore our collection of creative stencils for your cakes and bakes online now.

Airbrush Food Colouring Ideas

By now, we hope you’re raring to go with your airbrush food colouring designs. But where should you start? There are endless possibilities for the use of airbrush food colouring and how you can implement it into your designs. Here are just a few ideas to help you get inspired!

  • For an ombre gradient, spray your chosen colour upwards on a white fondant base. Then use a small sponge dipped in alcohol to blur the colour in an upwards gradient.
  • Create a wavy design to mimic the night sky or sea with a torn paper towel as a guide. With varying thicknesses over the top edge, you can add extra dimension and texture to bring the scene to life.
  • Think outside the box with airbrush food colouring and decorate more than just cakes. Decorate biscuits for Easter, cupcakes for Halloween and chocolates at Christmas for the perfect sweet treat that looks amazing but only takes moments to achieve.

Getting Started

We hope you have found everything you need to know here about airbrush food colourings and that you’re excited to start. If you’re ready to make your cake decorating process easier and smoother, begin your journey today.

Shop our full collection of airbrush food colouring available at Cake Craft Company today, and complement your chosen colours with edible glitter and decorations.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure airbrush colourings are the right choice for you, explore traditional paste and powdered colours from our wider food colouring range.


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