Are Your Cakey Glitters Edible? Choose the Finest of Them All! ✨

Sucker for all things GLAM? 💋 Get a load of this eye candy

When something looks good enough to eat, it should be. And you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style AT ALL when it comes to having your glittery cake and eating it 🙌

So for all you uncompromising bakers and cakers out there, we’re putting the spotlight on GLAM, the fabulous 100% Edible Deluxe Lustre-Glitter that’s pure razzle dazzle! 🤩

Edible vs non-edible – no contest 🏆

If you’re serious about enjoying your cakes (like, yeah!), every last crumb and sparkle should be up for eats. The best bit is that, unlike many conventional glitters that contain non-edible nasties, GLAM isn’t just for show. It’s the finest, 100% edible glitter collection that you can eat with your eyes – and then your mouth.

glam edible glitter

All that glitters ain’t gold…

Nope! It’s also Rouge Red – Cobalt Blue – Tiffany Blue – Emerald Green – Satin Silver – Noir Black – White Diamond – Soleil Gold – Champagne Gold – Tangerine Orange – Rose Quartz – and Pink Lemonade  🌈 Oodles of glitz!

What dreams are made of

Feeling extra? Get your hands on some GLAM and satisfy that glitter addiction. Accessorise your creations and make a statement. Think party drinks with pizzazz 🍸, sparkling jelly, twinkling popcorn… Anything is possible!

glam edible glitter

Extra shine power

Designing and creating the most mind-blowing bakes, drinks and treats with GLAM means transforming the ordinary into S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G 😍

GLAM Glitter takes your creations to the next level. Elevate your designs and sprinkle some MAGIC! ✨

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