Adapting your Baking Business to Suit your Customer

Okay, we’re about to say five words you are probably dreading or even sick of hearing – the cost of living crisis.

At The Cake Craft Company, we understand better than anyone that times are hard for bakers and cake-making companies. Between the prices of ingredients and electricity going up and our customer base trying to save their pennies, bespoke and beautifully decorated cakes just aren’t high up on people’s agendas.

So, how can you provide a service for your customers that benefits you both? Well, if you have been at a loss for what to do next, we have a trending idea we think you will love!

What is a Bento Cake?

Introducing the bento cake! A super cute miniature cake served in a bento box. It doesn’t get much cuter than this, right?

Well, this single-serve cake looks gorgeous and provides a solution for cutting costs for both baker and the customer!

Being a fraction of the size of regular celebration cakes, you can save on ingredients costs. As well as create and bake multiple cakes in the same amount of time it would usually take you to complete just one.

Plus, your customers will be more likely and happy to pay a smaller cost for a single-serving cake to gift to their friends and loved ones. Especially if it means they get to share in the latest Instagram trend by posting a picture of the cute miniature cake.

It’s a win-win situation all around! So, if you’re ready to dive into this new cake trend offering for your business, find some tips and advice on how to get started creating your bento cake below.

4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Bento Box Cakes

If you’ve never seen a bento cake before, you might be at a loss for how to create one of these gorgeous cakes. As the name suggests, the cake is small enough to fit into a bento box. So, that should always be your starting point. But what else goes into creating the perfect bento cake?

Here are four tips to help you achieve baking success!

1. Does it fit in a lunch box?

The most defining characteristic of a bento cake is its size. Remember, these are miniature cakes and sold as ‘single servings’. However, part of their popularity is the fact that they look like whole-sized cakes, just shrunken down.

For this reason, don’t think that you can get away with serving cake slices in a bento box and passing them off as mini cakes.

The best way to create these mini cakes we have found is to bake slabs of sponge and cut out the desired size using circular cutters. Around three tiers are the optimal size, with buttercream between each layer!

Create a few test cakes first to find the best size and style for you, then find the best container to fit it. Or, if you have already found the perfect bento boxes, experiment with sizes to see what suits your boxes best.

2. Put thought into the presentation

If it’s not already clear, a lot of your customers shopping for bento cakes will be looking for presentation above all else. They want the perfect cake to post on their socials and be a part of the trend. So, while you may be saving on ingredient costs, you should invest in your presentation costs.

The perfect bento box should be your first step, but what else can you add to set your bento cakes apart from the crowd?

We love the idea of adding tissue paper to line the inside of the box and think it fits the sweet and cute aesthetic perfectly. It also helps to theme your bento cakes to different occasions and seasons with minimalist decoration.

You might also want to think about adding some single-use (yet sustainable) cutlery to the box to further the take-out cake vibe.

3. Keep decoration cute, minimal and on-trend

Decoration for bento cakes needs to follow the theme of cute and minimal, as this is what makes the trend so beloved. Simple buttercream frosting with piped edges makes for a throwback design seeing a huge boom in cake decorating at the moment.

Simple messages are also a popular choice for bento cakes, and they can be easily and quickly achieved with stamps and stencils. As the cakes are usually so small, it can be hard to hand-pipe messages legibly; you might want to practice a few times first!

We love options like the Sweet Stamps by Amy collection and, ironically, simple messages like ‘HBD’ standing for Happy Birthday.

4. Push it on the ‘gram

Finally, once you have created your first few bento cakes, don’t be afraid to go hard on pushing them on the likes of Instagram and TikTok. This is where your target customer for bento cakes is browsing online, and they will love your cakes if they can easily find them on the platforms where they want to post themselves.

Keep it Cute and Simple with Bento Cakes

Now you know everything you need to start your bento cake journey. We’re sure you will love exploring this new cake trend, and your customers will love it even more!

The most important tool you have to keep business running smoothly during uncertain times is to be flexible in your creativity. Never be afraid to try new things and push the boundaries of what you offer your customers. We think you will be surprised at how some trends can take off!

To help you get started, shop a variety of cake decorating supplies and tools, as well as a collection of cake boxes to inspire your next creation.


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