Packaging Faves You Can’t Live Without!

🌟Awesome🌟 packaging our customers rave about! 

From peek-a-boo windows and multi-hold options to tall cylinder elegance and big roomy boxes, we’ve got every type of packaging you need, ready for delivery straight to your door! 🚪

Trusted and adored by home bakers and busy commercial bakeries alike, no self-respecting kitchen or store cupboard in the land is considered well-stocked without a selection of our fabulous cake, cupcake and muffin boxes.

The Incredible Bulk offer!

Oodles of multi-buy offers mean you can really box clever and stock up on your packaging swag! You’ll never be caught short and will be able to magically present anything you bake just perfectly – ta-dah! Whether it’s last-minute bakes or thoughtfully planned show-stoppers, you’ll be flaunting your creations like a pro👌

Credit: @threelittlepiggiesbakery

Baked with love and packaged with care

Our cake boxes send a message that you’ve baked with heart 💕and wrapped your gift in TLC 💝 for maximum enjoyment. Strong, sturdy and practical with a style and design to suit any occasion, our box collection really is a baker’s best buddy!

It’s crystal clear 💎

You can show off every aspect of your decorative bakes with our most contemporary packaging to date. These stunning transparent cupcake boxes are available in 2, 4, 6 and 12 hold, and their premium quality is quite literally clear for all to see! 😍 And these deluxe boxes also come in black for an even more dramatic look against your colourful creations. You could even add a matching or contrasting ribbon for extra oomph factor!

For the best all-around visibility, perfect for showcasing tasty masterpieces, get yourself some of these striking cylinder cake boxes. Available up to 15” high, displaying works of baking art doesn’t get better than this. Whether you go for silver, gold, rose gold, prism of classic matt white, putting your cake on this pedestal will make sure it gets all the attention.

And if you’re looking for a different angle – how about a square? Available in black and white options, these super stylish, modern transparent square cake boxes give you that added edge in presentation.

Either way, cylinder or square, both these beauties offer something extra too – their base can also be used as a cake board so you get even more value!

Credit; @reginabakes

The timeless cubed classic 🎁

Hugely popular and reached for every day, this classic matt-white, cubed cake box is an absolute must-have. Not only does it cleverly fold up around your hand-crafted cake – avoiding any need for dodgy moves – unlike many on the market, but it also comes with its own separate lid for extra rigidity and better protection. And the benefits don’t stop there… the internal pearlised and wipeable lamination avoids stains – especially handy for those cheeky buttercream cakes! 👍 Lightweight and strong it also enjoys great eco-credentials because it’s 100% biodegradable and recyclable – top marks! 💯

Oh, and FYI – it comes in gorgeous candy pink 🎀 if you fancy something a little different.

Boxes to suit every batch of cupcakes

The questions of quantity and quality are easily answered with our cupcake box selection, giving the perfect fit for any batch size of sweet creations 🧁

Starting with the fresh, white satin look, your cupcakes and muffins will be transported safely and presented beautifully with these much loved boxes. Featuring a transparent window lid for that tempting sneaky peak, they come with card insert slots in 4, 6, or 12 hold, keeping your bakes in perfect condition until they’re ready to be eaten! 

At the other end of the colour spectrum are these 👄 HOT PINK cupcake boxes  that add serious WOW 🤩to those attention-seeking sweet treats that want to be noticed! 👋

And for a fairytale take on premium packaging, check out our Prism collection for this irresistible, light-catching iridescent cupcake box that gives major unicorns 🦄 and rainbows 🌈 vibes.

Pop up and pop in!

Arriving flat packed, they’re no fuss at all to use – or store! Simply ‘pop up’ the box by folding and clipping together and pop in your goodies! Really quick and easy, so you can get on with more baking fun! 

And remember – we have GREAT STOCK LEVELS on our most popular packaging to make sure our customers are always happy! 😁 So go ahead and order as many as you wish, using our fantastic cost-effective, multi-buy deals where bang-for-your-buck is the real cherry on the cake! 🍰

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