Spread Love Like Sprinkles

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and at Cake Craft Company, we believe there is no better way to celebrate than with homemade bakes. And it’s not just for your significant other either; everyone deserves a little love on Valentine’s day!

So, from full trays of treats to pass out in the office to special tokens given to those who mean most to you, something made with love is the best gift to give and receive this Valentine’s. To help you get started with your baking inspiration, we have put together a simple guide on spreading love with sprinkles. From a showcase of our favourite sprinkles to a few of our beloved baking ideas, you can find all the advice you need to spread love like sprinkles this Valentine’s Day.

Say it with a Thousand Sprinkles

At Cake Craft Company, we think sprinkles are the key ingredient to any sweet and fun baked treat. From cake pops and brownies to full cakes and desserts, sprinkles can elevate your design with their simple dusting of colour. Here are a few of our favourites that deserve special attention that you will love too!

A Unique Take on Valentine’s Day

Everyone loves a good smattering of sprinkles, so for the men in your life, choose the Mc Dreamy sprinkle mix from Super Streusel. This sprinkle mix is filled with classic sprinkles, heart shapes and crispy chocolate balls in various sizes. Arriving in a handsome colour palette, the Mc Dreamy mix of blues, purples, black and gold tones is perfect for those looking for something more unique.

It’s Not All Hearts

If you’re over hearts and want to express your love differently, we think the Stupid Cupid medley from Fancy Sprinkles is the perfect way to add some fun to your bakes. Filled with stars, balls and classic sprinkles in a range of sizes, the stupid cupid mix arrives in a funky colour scheme of white, pink and red tones we are head over heels for.

The Everything Sprinkle

Sometimes feelings are just too hard to put into words, and so for those so filled with love that they can’t contain themselves, we have the perfect mix for your creations. The Crushed Valentine Sprinkle Medley from Fancy Sprinkles is for those with a crush so big they feel every emotion at once. Just like how these sprinkles are filled with every style and colour of sprinkle in a blend that just makes sense. This medley is filled with hearts, stars, hundreds of thousands, chocolate balls, huge chrome sprinkles, and many more in a rainbow of purple, pink and red tones. Just like your feelings, it’s a lot, but it works!

5 Valentine’s Day Baking Ideas

Now that you have been introduced to a few of our favourite sprinkle medleys, we hope you’re feeling inspired to incorporate these into your baked treats. However, we have you covered if you still need some inspiration to get started. Here are our top five Valentine’s Day baking ideas that you can put your own spin on.

Credit: @thecakedout on Instagram

1. Surprise Cake From the Secret Admirer

What better way to let your crush know they have a secret admirer than with a pinata cake or smash heart? Both of these baking inventions have been a trending hit in recent years and allow you to add a special hidden message to the inside of your cake.

From a classic cake cut open to reveal a waterfall of Valentine’s sprinkles to a chocolate smash heart decorated with a pinch of sprinkles in the chocolate. You can even hide a secret love note or small token in the treat for your crush to find. Use it as your opportunity to make your identity known or keep the mystery going for a while longer by signing it from ‘your secret admirer’.

Learn all about smash hearts and how to make them in our handy guide online.

Credit: @its_a_pop_thang on Instagram

2. Cake Pops for Little Ones

Get your little ones involved in the fun this Valentine’s Day, and let them know how much they are loved with a simple cake pop. This one is not hard to make and is even easier to eat for small hands and little mouths. However, kids are not the only ones who can enjoy a cake pop, so create a batch for your adult friends too!

Simply mould your cake into a ball shape, cover it in chocolate and then dip in your Valentine’s sprinkles of choice. Alternatively, you could even try and test your creativity by shaping your cake pops into hearts, flowers or any other shape you can think of.

Credit: @cakesby.emily on Instagram

3. Cupcakes for Galentines

If you’re celebrating this Galentine with your single friends, bake up a batch of cupcakes that are as fun as they are delicious. Valentine’s isn’t just for couples, after all, and we’re sure your friends will love a sweet treat baked with love from their bestie.

Bake a tray of cupcakes and have fun decorating them with special messages for each of your friends. Don’t be afraid to get cheeky with the ones who have been with you through all your dating mishaps. You could even prebake the cupcakes and invite your friends to decorate their own cupcakes or pass them around the table for even more fun. Remember to stock up on the sprinkles, as they mask every buttercream imperfection!

Credit: @sweetspot.lv on Instagram

4. Dipped Strawberries for the Romantic Night In

For a romantic date night, there is nothing sweeter than strawberries dipped in chocolate, marshmallows and a selection of sweet and fluffy macaroons. Even better, this sweet dessert is super easy to make and put together and looks amazing as part of a grazing board for two.

Simply dip your chosen strawberries into melted chocolate, and then add your favourite Valentine’s sprinkles to complete the look. For even more romantic fun, you can have your own fondue night and have fun dipping your snacks and treats together.

Credit: @myloveatfirstbite on Instagram

5. Bento Boxes for your Sweetheart

If you’re looking for the perfect present this Valentine’s Day for your sweetheart, there is no better way to say I love you than with cake. But did you know you could make it even cuter with a sweet bento cake?

This trending cake design is all over the gram at the moment, and for a good reason. It doesn’t get much cuter than a tiny, heart-shaped cake layered in piped buttercream and presented in a takeaway bento box.

More Inspiration to Express your Love

We hope you have found the inspiration you need here to bake the perfect Valentine’s Day treats. In our collection at Cake Craft Company, you can find all the sprinkles, edible glitters and gum paste flowers you could need to create the perfect sweetheart treat.

You can find more baking inspiration and ideas in our lookbook online or find more help and baking advice in our blog.


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