How the Tables Have Turned: The Ultimate Cake Turntable Guide

Some cakes are so skillfully decorated that we often mistake them for actual works of art, but what are other bakes doing that you’re not doing? Perhaps you have a piping nozzle collection as long as your arm, and you still can’t get the precision and accuracy you see piped onto other baker’s cakes?

The answer might be a cake turntable!

If you’re unsure about cake turntables, trying to work out how to use them best or whether it’s time to upgrade yours, we have the answers for you. Our ultimate guide to cake turntables is filled with all the must-know information, advice and tips you need. Plus, you can explore our collection of cake turntables from Cake Craft Company to find the option that is perfect for you.

What is a Cake Turntable?

If you have never used a cake turntable before, you might wonder what record players have to do with baking. But the actual product is quite simple and easy to operate with practice.

In simple terms, a cake turntable is an elevated stand that can rotate smoothly.

They’re used to make icing, piping and decorating an easier process, as you can work on every side without having to change positions. It also makes piping continuous ribbons and borders much easier without stopping and starting, creating a more seamless finish. Similarly, suppose you’re smoothing a cake. In that case, you can do so easily with the help of a cake turntable and scraper or spatula.

If you’re still struggling to picture it, just imagine an elevated lazy susan!

The Future of Cake Turntables

Cake turntables have been one of the industry’s gems since they were first introduced. You can find quality options from several well-respected brands in the industry. We love cake turntables from respected brands such as Ateco and Piping Paradise!

But how did the industry improve on an invaluable piece of equipment?

We are pleased to report that you can now get cake turntables that rotate and tilt on an axis! This means you can expertly pipe and decorate your cake at every angle without putting pressure on your knees or back. Simply swivel and tilt your cake turntable where needed and enjoy an easier decorating experience that allows you to ice and pipe the most intricate decorations.

Are you not sure which tilting cake turntable to choose? We love the Tilt-N-Turn Ultra Cake Turntable from Wilton, which features a non-slip top plate and eighteen different secure plate positions. 

5 Tips for Using a Cake Turntable

So, now you know which cake turntables to choose, but what about when you get them home? A lot goes into the efficient use and care of a cake turntable. We have pulled together our top five tips to help you get started!

1. Plastic Turntables are Best for Beginners

If you’re a newbie to the cake-decorating world, you don’t want to make the mistake of diving head-first into new equipment. You should ensure you’re choosing equipment that suits your skill level.

For turntables, we recommend choosing a plastic cake turntable if you are a beginner. This is because it will be easier to clean and manoeuvre, allowing you to gain valuable experience and get to grips with the motions.

Once you feel ready, you can graduate with a stainless steel cake turntable capable of holding larger and heavier cakes. However, these are just a little too heavy for a beginner to move and rotate easily, potentially jeopardising your cakes!

2. Choose a Turntable with No Frills

When shopping for your cake turntable, avoid falling into the trap of prioritising the way it looks in your kitchen. We understand the importance of maintaining a brand image and how tempting it can be to look for equipment that matches your kitchen. But often, when you choose equipment for how it looks, you are sacrificing quality and even paying more for the privilege.

Instead, check the features carefully to ensure the turntable does exactly what you need it to, and read through the product reviews for advice from other bakers like yourself.

3. Cleaning your Cake Turntable

To keep your cake turntable in good working condition, you must take the time to clean it properly. This doesn’t mean just wiping away stray breadcrumbs but also focusing on the bearings and spinners to keep it running smoothly.

Before purchasing, consider what kind of turntable will be best for you depending on your cleaning skills. For example, if you only have the time to rely on a dishwasher to clean your cake turntable, you will want to opt for a detachable version. These turntables allow you to remove the top from the base so that they can be efficiently placed and cleaned in your dishwasher.

If you opt for a traditional turntable, make the time to clean the spinner after each use. You can do so effectively with warm water and dish soap while avoiding harsh detergents.

4. Keep Up Bearing Maintenance

Like the systematic cleaning of your cake turntable’s bearings, you must also maintain and service these mechanisms. Just like the secret to success is a well-oiled machine, you need to lubricate the bearings of your turntable regularly to ensure it continues to rotate smoothly.

If you fail to keep up with this basic maintenance. In that case, you might find your cake turntable becomes difficult to move right when you’re in the middle of piping intricate rivets around your bake.

5. Do Not Place Cakes Directly on a Turntable

Finally, if you have never used a cake turntable, you might be unsure how best to approach it. Remember that you shouldn’t be putting your cake directly onto the turntable, as it may slip or move on the surface when you need it to be most still.

Some cake turntables come fitted with grip surfaces, whereas others, like stainless steel options, are just smooth. Whichever option you choose, it is best practice to have some non-slip cake stand mats in your collection. These will help you keep your cakes in place on the turntable for a smoother finish.

Twist and Turn for the Perfect Finish

Have we sold you the genius of a cake turntable? Get started icing your cakes to perfection with a selection from our cake turntable collection at Cake Craft Company.

We have cake turntables to suit every need, preference and skill set, so you are sure to find the perfect option. You can also enjoy free UK delivery on all orders over £45. Complete your order with more from our tools and equipment range.


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