Callebaut Chocolate – The Customer’s Choice. Find Out Why!

All about the Belgian 🍫

We love chocolate – like, REALLY love it. Who doesn’t? But here’s the thing: there’s chocolate… and then there’s CHOCOLATE.

Say hello 👋 to the Finest Belgian Chocolate of all time – Callebaut!

Oh, and it’s pronounced: Cal-a-bo.

Cocoa of your dreams

When you’ve been passionately crafting the finest chocolate for 100 years, you kinda know what you’re doing. As world-renowned leaders in all things tech and innovation – and relied on every day by cakers, bakers, top chefs and chocolatiers – Callebaut is king. Trusted for its quality, exquisite taste and surprises… Did you know there’s a ♦️RUBY♦️cocoa bean? STUNNING! Described as the fourth chocolate, delectable Ruby joins the choc fam of milk, dark and white.

We’re about to spill the beans   

Calling all choc-lovers! 📣  

If you long for that lingering moment, when chocolate melts oh-so-slowly in your mouth while you savour the flavour – Belgian chocolate is your perfect match. That’s because it uses just the pure, natural ingredients of the cocoa bean – cocoa butter and cocoa mass – that together deliver the heavenly taste and texture we love. Makers of cheaper chocolate swap these ingredients for vegetable fats, oils and sugar. So you end up with more of a ‘meh’ moment rather than an ‘aaaahhhh’ 😍experience.

Easy work 🧘‍♀️

Callebaut chocolate is also loved for its easy workability from tempering to enrobing, to dipping and moulding. It’s all down to the 100% cocoa butter and Bourbon vanilla that makes this Belgian chocolate your delicious, flexible friend.

Impossible to pick a favourite

There are five key Callebaut blends to choose from…

WHITE is Callebaut’s creamiest blend with vanilla notes. And perfect for colouring when you want to get creative! 🎨

Then there’s iconic MILK  swooned over by chefs across the world. Think: a deep, warm colour, smooth body and sweet caramel notes (drooling!)

Callebaut’s DARK blend packs a full bodied taste with fine fruity notes. They give the whole bean a good roasting to get this gorgeous depth of flavour.

CARAMEL GOLD is on the money, honey ✨ It has an intense caramel-choc taste and a dreamy colour that’s just something else.

Then there’s RUBY. Created from the Ruby cocoa bean, it goes through a unique process that unlocks its full flavour and irresistible pink colour. Warning: you’ll fall in love 💘

Choc-star 😎  

When it comes to all things dippy, Callebaut’s ICE CHOCOLATE is the one.

Your ice cream lollies and cakesicles will be begging for a naughty dunking in this indulgent, milky, caramelly deliciousness. Go for White, Milk or Dark.

And you’ll be in your own choc heaven because there’s NO TEMPERING needed to get a professional finish. INSANE!! You just simply melt and use 👌. It’s rich in cocoa butter, and easy to use with a longer working time so you can take as long as you need and have fun perfecting your creations.

Dipper? Double dipper? The finished layer will always be crisp and deliver that satisfying snap.

There’s no limit to what you can do with this amazing collection. Whether it comes in chunks, chips, powder, shavings or ready-to-use decorations – Callebaut has got you!

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