Choosing The Right Cake Board For Your Next Bake

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There’s nothing more disheartening than completing a gorgeous cake and not having the right cake board to finish it off. What’s worse is when your cake board can’t support your cake, and it comes crashing down, not ideal! There isn’t a standard size cake board that you’ll need. It depends on your cake’s style, size, shape, and weight.

You can choose to make the cake board part of the design by selecting a complimenting colour or mirror effect to reflect the design. If your cake design is alright, quite busy, you might prefer a plain board to not distract from the cake itself; it’s completely up to you!

What Is A Cake Board?

A cake board is a thick material designed to support cakes and cupcakes, making transportation easier and improving the overall presentation. Cake drums are another term commonly used. They’re typically thicker as they often have a double-wall corrugated construction. They’re also used in between tiers for extra support.

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How To Choose The Right Size


The first step in choosing your cake board should be based on the size of cake you’re making. As a rule of thumb, your cake board should be at least 2 inches bigger than the cake tin it was baked in. This allows the thickness of icing or marzipan and any 3D decorations to stand out still and be protected in transport. If you want to use the cake board as part of your design and include lettering or decor, you may choose a bigger board.

Cake Type

Cake boards and drum boards come in various thicknesses to support different cakes. Cakes can have a range of densities, so they must be all supported. Sponge cakes, for example, are relatively light. Therefore a thinner board is favourable. It protects the cake in transportation and doesn’t take away from the design with a chunky board. We still recommend a board 2 inches larger than the sponge. If the cake is irregular, it might be better to choose a board even bigger.

Fruit cakes are typically quite heavy and can weigh several kilograms. A cake drum offers a lot more support to heavier cakes. The same applies to the size of the board, where you will need one 2 inches larger. However, if you are icing your cake in royal icing or marzipan, this is quite thick, so that you may opt for a bigger board.

Tiered Cakes

If you’re making a tiered cake, the size of the board will depend on the visuals of your finished piece. Often tiered cakes come right to the edge of the board to disguise it as the board is just there for added support. In this case, you should choose the boards the same size as the cake tins you’re using. They’re often slightly bigger anyway to allow for icing or extra decorations. If you want your boards to be visible or could use the  

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How To Choose The Right Design

Cake boards are multifunctional. They’re great for keeping your cake safe and stable in transportation and for adding extra support, particularly to tiered cakes. But they can do so much more; there are lots of different design variations to choose from to compliment your bake and make it into a masterpiece. Once you’ve decided on the thickness and material of your cake board or drum, you can move on to design.

Mirror cake boards are great for tall, thinner cakes with heavy detailing on the icing. The mirror reflects the design and makes the cake look even taller. You’ve spent so long creating a beautifully iced design; the mirror board will make it goes on forever!

The best way to choose the colour of your mirror board is to pick out one of the colours in your icing. However, you can also pick a complimenting colour if there isn’t a matching one available. For example, if your cake is predominantly blue with cool tones, a silver mirror round premium masonite (MDF) cake board drum would be the best choice!

As we mentioned earlier, if you want to incorporate your cake board into your design, we recommend a larger board. Cake boards are typically round to replicate the cake, but a rectangle shape is a good idea for a larger surface area. A matte white oblong rectangle MDF board will give the space needed for extra design features, but the plain white tones won’t distract the eyes from the main event. 

Sometimes less is more when it comes to your cake board. If you’ve chosen a monochromatic design for your bake, don’t let it stop there. Selecting a board in the same colour as your icing will remove the break between cake and board and allow your design to flow seamlessly. For example, if your cake is predominantly baby pink, a candy pick 5mm slim cake board would be the perfect pairing.

There you have it! The two most important decisions to make when choosing your cake board are size and design. Cake boards are the icing on the cake.

Contact our friendly team today for more help and information on choosing the right cake board. Why not check out our vast collection of cake boards and boxes while you’re here? Happy baking!

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