Get Started With Cakesicles! @sweetmammastreats Shows You how

This way to cakesicle heaven.

Happiness is… a delicious work of art on a stick 😃 And if you’re not obsessed with @sweetmammastreats cakesicles – maybe you need to look again! 

We can’t resist 🙊

Soraya from @sweetmammastreats has got us DROOLING 😛over her incredible cakesicle designs. We just KNOW you’ll be seduced too! Little visions of loveliness, they’re real crowd-pleasers. And lucky for us, Soraya is sharing her top tips and favourite products so you can create your own stunning masterpieces! Perfect for any occasion 🎉

Let’s go!

First off, temper your chocolate – so you get that delicious ‘crack’ with every bite. YUM! Pop it in the microwave with short bursts of heat to melt, then add in some solid chocolate and just mix until it’s all melted and smooth. Check out this gorgeous pink candy stripe spatula, a perfect sidekick for the job!

Next, add in your colour(s) of choice little by little until you get the desired shade you’re after. @sweetmamastreats must-have for a super pop of colour is Colour Mill – and with so many to choose from you’ll never be short of inspo! 🍭

Shape it up

Cakesicle moulds come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The classic magnum is a favourite of @sweetmammastreats – it gives up plenty of surface area for lots of gorgeous designs and toppings!

Put your creative hat on 🎨

Now for the fun bit as your kitchen becomes your art studio! @sweetmammastreats loves playing with effects and getting amazingly different finishes. Once you start you won’t want to stop experimenting – it’s kinda addictive… 

For a pretty watercolour design, just grab a brush, pick up a little of the chocolate and dab it around the inside of the mould, repeating with several colours and then add your base layer of coloured chocolate to strengthen.

If a cool splatter effect is more your thing, put a pea-size amount of chocolate on your brush, hold over your mould and just tap to let the chocolate ‘splatter’ a pattern before adding your base layer of chocolate.

Fill with joy!

Once your chocolate has fully set, fill your creations with something delicious! Mix cake, Oreos or other favourite treats with buttercream for a tasty combo. Slide your choice of coloured or patterned cakesicle sticks – another chance to add some extra wow factor – into the filling, then just encase with a layer of chocolate and pop into the fridge to chill.

Pop them out and jazz them up

Playtime! Pop your cakesicles out of the mould, clean up the edges for a smooth finish and get decorating! Soraya @sweetmammastreats loves to finish off her cakesicles with a dash of Faye Cahill gold dust, followed by a quick drizzle of chocolate using a handy tipless piping bag. She completes the look with a sprinkling of Super Streusel medleys and Glitz.  Be still our beating hearts! 💓

And don’t forget, it’s good to share! 📸

We wanna see your artsy cakesicles displayed in all their glory! Tag us in your cakesicle photos and show us your best designs!

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