The Hype Around Our Eco-Friendly Cake Boards 🙌

The next generation of cake boards – with bonus eco-goodness!

The original just got better. Meet our new design of the humble – but totally essential – cake board! We’ve upgraded the classic, and your new everyday go-to is getting first prize🥇for its contemporary looks AND super eco-friendly credentials! Perfect if you’re a passionate baker living on planet earth 🌍 who likes to bake with extra goodness.

The best all-rounder

Our eco-friendly cake board drums are kicking traditional out of the kitchen with their eco tag and good looks. A step up from the silver foil covered boards in so many ways, these new circular beauties are made of recyclable and sustainable compressed, corrugated cardboard – which also happens to make them lightweight but strong 🙌

Gorgeous in the looks department and completely food safe, their fresh, white high gloss finish offers a polished look to set off any cake beautifully! Especially good for showing off bright coloured cakes in all their glory! 🌈

Reusable? Absolutely! Just simply wipe clean – NEXT! 

Looks good naked

Unlike the original foil cake drums, there’s no need to apply a fondant covering to make it pretty. They look F-A-B au naturale! Which means these eco-friendly cake boards save you time AND money. The gift that keeps on giving! 🧑‍🍳

King of cost-effectiveness

BIG value for money, these environmentally kind cake presentation boards come in packs of 5 in every size to keep you going – ‘cause we know how much you LOVE to bake! 

And with incredible multi-buy and bulk offers, they’re perfect for fast-paced commercial bakers who whizz up cakes in a jiffy but don’t want to compromise on looks or cost (and why should you?!).

It’s us bakers and cakers doing our bit for the planet and everyone on it 🥰

You get the best of everything with our new, modern take on the baker’s BFF.  So get these in your basket and join our fun, eco-loving, cake OBSESSED community! 🍰 

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