The Ultimate Chocolate Smash Cake Guide

If you’re looking for a new and exciting sweet treat to surprise your loved ones, let us introduce you to the chocolate smash heart.

You might have seen these aesthetic masterpieces all over the ‘gram and Pinterest, surrounded by mini marshmallows and chocolate-dipped strawberries. In most cases, they look more like works of art than something to be smashed, and we guarantee every person that has laid eyes on one has had the same thought. I would love to break that.

So, if you’re trying to work out how to recreate this new and exciting dessert for your occasion, then we are here to help. We have put together some easy instructions on how to make a smash cake and also put together our favourite ideas for your smash heart to help you get inspired.

What is a Smash Cake?

Before we dive into how to make a smash cake, let’s introduce you to this delightful new treat properly.

Not to be confused with the baby cake smash photoshoot trend, a chocolate smash cake is also more widely referred to as a ‘smash heart’. This was coined across Instagram as bakers and chocolatiers discovered a new way to celebrate loved ones for all manners of occasions with what is basically a new and improved conversation heart.

Made from chocolate, smash cake domes are hollow and can be decorated to suit any theme and style. Below the dome, surprises can be hidden, from cakes, desserts and sweets to small gifts like jewellery, pictures and other sentimental messages.

Presented to the recipient in a beautiful display, hand them a miniature wooden hammer and encourage them to whack as hard as they can until the chocolate breaks and their next surprise is revealed.

How to Make a Chocolate Smash Cake

Although a chocolate smash cake looks revolutionary, we are happy to report that it is actually quite simple to make!

What Do I Need?

To make a smash dessert, you first need to decide whether you’re creating an entire smash cake or just a smash heart? The former sits the dome to be smashed on top of a celebration cake, whereas the more simple smash heart is often presented in a cake box. If you’re creating a smash cake, bake and ice your celebration cake as you normally would, and just make sure that it is wide enough for the planned dome to sit atop.

Now, to make the actual chocolate smash dome, you will need:

The Process

Once you have gathered all the ingredients and tools you need, it’s time to bring your vision to life. Here are some simple instructions to help you get started.

  1. Melt your chocolate using your preferred method and leave it to cool to room temperature.
  2. Pour the chocolate into the mould and rotate it until all sides are covered.
  3. Use a spatula or tool to smooth the sides.
  4. Pour out any extra chocolate and gently tap the mould on the tabletop.
  5. Place in the fridge and leave to harden for 5 minutes.
  6. Repeat the above steps three times.
  7. Once done, use a smoothing spatula to remove any extra chocolate from around the top of the edge.
  8. Peel the mould gently from the sides before removing it.

Once finished, you can have fun adding any decorations you want to personalise the finished product. We love adding smaller chocolate shapes, letters and numbers to decorate. These can be smashed along with the heart and enjoyed just as much! You could also add decorating dusts and more decorations to add the perfect finishing touch.

5 Chocolate Smash Cake Ideas

Now you know how to make the chocolate smash cake, it’s time to get creative. You might already know what you want to create, but if not, allow us to help you with some unique ideas.

1. Valentines & Anniversaries

Of course, the first thing you think of when you see a heart-shaped treat is Valentine’s or anniversaries and a chocolate smash heart is a perfect way to gift a hidden surprise. From little tokens of sentiment to pieces of jewellery, you can hide anything small under this fun and delicious treat. You could even hide a clue to the real prize for larger surprises.

2. Break-Ups

Have a friend going through a tough break-up or divorce? Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say or do for someone freshly single, so allow them to take their anger out on a dessert and enjoy the chocolate afterwards by making them a chocolate smash cake and letting them loose with a mini hammer. You can go one step further to lighten the mood by decorating the heart with a phrase like ‘congrats on your break-up’!

Just make sure you gift this surprise at the right point in the post-break-up journey; too soon, and it could be a disaster.

3. Edible Pinatas for Birthdays

A chocolate smash cake is what we believe to be the grown-up version of a pinata! So for birthdays, treat the big kids in your family and friendship group to a fun little smash game that packs a big reward. You can fill the underside of the smash cake with all of their favourite sweets and treats or even add a few mini bottles of their favourite drinks. But be sure to tell them to be careful with how hard they hit!

4. Festive Igloo Smash Cake

You can adapt a chocolate smash cake to all seasons and occasions, and this is highlighted with this winter surprise. Turn a chocolate dome into an igloo with sparkling snowflake decorations and more festive details. This is a great way to get little ones excited for the festive season and another excellent way to hide a shared gift or clue to an upcoming trip or holiday.

5. Pregnancy & Gender Reveals

Finally, we love the idea of using a smash cake to tell people you’re expecting or even reveal the gender of your baby. A fun way to tell your parents on special occasions or even ask friends to step up as God-parents, there are endless ways you can celebrate the new arrival with a smash cake. Simple pop a sonogram picture or a little pair of booties beneath the dome, and you’re ready to surprise the whole family.

More Ways to Surprise Your Guests

We hope that our guide to creating the perfect smash cake has given you the inspiration you need to surprise your loved ones. But if you still haven’t found the inspiration you’re looking for here, don’t be afraid to look outside the box.

With the right execution, you can turn any sweet treat into a show-stopping surprise. Explore our lookbook for more ideas, or find inspiration in our complete collection of tools and cake decorating supplies on offer.


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