Cupcake Boxes are the Icing on the Cake

At Cake Craft Company, we truly believe that the cake is the best part of any occasion or event! Cakes are usually the centre of attention, from display to a tasty treat for guests. Sorry to the birthday boy or girl, but it’s true!

So, keeping your cupcakes protected, fresh and safe from transport to the end of the party is key, and for this, we can’t ignore the humble cupcake box. From its benefits and advantages to the different types available, we have pulled together a guide to cupcake boxes that makes the planning and execution a piece of cake!

3 Benefits of Cupcake Boxes

Sometimes, cupcake boxes are treated more as an afterthought of the baking process. After all, so much time and effort go into cake making. But why let your hard work go to waste if you’re not going to take care of your finished bakes properly?

To help you understand the importance of choosing the right cake boxes for your cupcakes, we have pulled together the top 3 benefits of cupcake boxes. You’re welcome!

1. Separated & Upright

We think the effort and detail that goes into making cupcakes make them edible works of art. So, of course, you want to keep them protected and safe until people get a chance to eat them.

Cupcake boxes keep your cakes upright and separated to ensure no icing is smudged and no sponge is squashed. Cupcakes can be more prone to overturning than other baked goods as they are usually pretty top-heavy on the icing and decoration. A cupcake box will keep your sweet treats in place throughout transportation to ensure they look just as good as they did at the end of the party as they were freshly iced.

2. Fresh & Tasty

Sometimes it can be tempting just to deliver your cupcakes on a tray or cake stand so that everyone can see the hardwood and skill that went into your decoration. But doing so can sabotage your bakes before anyone can try them.

Cake boxes are the best way to keep your cupcakes fresher for longer, ensuring they take as good as they look. We recommend storing them in the box at room temperature until it’s time to serve. Just be sure to keep them away from direct sunlight and out of the fridge; otherwise, they will lose their moisture and go stale much more quickly.

3. Presentation & Transportation

Cupcake boxes allow you the peace of mind that your cupcakes will get to a party or event in one piece. Whether you are catering the event or surprising guests with a sweet treat, you must transport your cupcakes professionally and keep them safe and fresh.

We find cupcake boxes the best and easiest option for transporting baked goods, whether by foot or by car. Once cooled and decorated, simply pop them in the box, close the lid and get busy with all the other tasks that need ticking off before you start to party!

Different Types of Cupcake Boxes

Now you know why you should be taking advantage of cupcake boxes, let’s talk through the different types of boxes available. This ensures you know you’re making the best choice for your needs.

Individual Boxes for Sweet Treats

At first glance, single cupcake boxes may seem slightly wasteful, but that just means it’s not the right option for your purpose.

Individual cupcake boxes are the ideal choice if you’re bringing a cupcake into work to gift to a colleague or sending guests home from an event with a cake each. A single cupcake in an individual box is the perfect party favour for weddings, baby showers, christenings and birthday parties. Make it even more special by choosing plain boxes and decorating them yourself in a design fitting for the event or personal to each guest.

Multi Cupcake Boxes for Transport and Display

Cupcake boxes large enough to fit and carry multiple cupcake boxes are essential if you’re transporting your cakes to a different venue. They’re also a great way to keep cupcakes fresh before they must be displayed.

In our collection at Cake Craft Company, you can find multi-cake boxes designed to hold between 4 and 24 cupcakes. This means no matter how small or large your event, you can find the most efficient cupcake box to transport your goods.

Choosing the Right Cupcake Boxes for your Bakes

We hope we have opened your eyes to the world of cupcake boxes, why they’re so useful and which to choose for your next event.

Whether you’re a commercial baker or you’re looking for a box to hold cakes for a family event, we have styles to suit every requirement. Shop cupcake boxes in various shapes, designs and sizes from renowned brands in the baking industry, including our own collection of cupcake boxes from the Cake Craft Company.

Alternatively, shop our entire box and board collection, where you can find larger cake boxes, cake boards and box extensions.


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